The Deton Group was founded in 2013 by Bob and Jared Bartholomew. Bob has spent 30 years in the financial planning industry, and his history goes back to 1987 when he was a founding member of a financial planning company that was fairly revolutionary at that time. Jared joined in that earlier venture 8 years before the move to Deton. Nerisha Letchman, our head of administration, had been with Bob for the best part of 15 years at that time, and happily joined Bob and Jared in this venture.

As he wanted to expand his horizons by bringing Zack on board to compliment the “family” business, he felt it necessary to start a new company with fresh ideas and a youthful solution, and so Deton Private Wealth (Pty) Limited was born. It was very gratifying at that stage to note that 95% of all Bob’s clients followed him in this new venture.

The Deton Group is a registered Category II license holder, meaning that we could register and manage our own suite of unit trusts. This was finalized in January 2014, and with the assistance of Ali Solim who does all the research and analysis, the portfolios kicked off and have been very successful as the numbers indicate. At that point in time, young Nicolas Letchman, Nerisha’s son, also joined the group to boost the administration.

In 2017 a further development evolved, with the registering of Deton Private Client (Pty) Ltd under the control of Zack Bartholomew. The idea behind this move was to keep control of the fund management under the guidance of Jared and Ali within the Private Wealth side, with Zack heading up the Private Client company. In addition, a category I license was also introduced to facilitate the marking of Life Assurance products as an added benefit to clients.

In addition to the above, we have formed a successful alliance with Rees Management Services to provide our clients with a diversified offering which includes Accounting, tax and Auditing services plus payroll services to small to medium sized companies, plus personal tax consulting, and West Avenue Insurance Brokers who can facilitate your short term insurance needs.

Deton Private Client has successfully grown in size since its launch, and in 2019 Jatish Jaikarun joined Zack on the marketing side of the business.